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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tampa Bay Vengeance and Texas.

Well here we are again, at the start of another season. It almost feels like the season never ended. We started practice the first weekend right after PSP World Cup, with the intention of bringing TBV to another first in the PSP Series. We held tryouts a few months ago, and picked up some new guys for a D3 line. And the core of last season’s PSP Series Champs will be back in D4 again. There has been some speculation about this. If those people would have just gone and checked rosters, they would realize that not all of our players played every event. What I thought would have been obvious for people to see, I suppose is not. Since not all of us are ranked D3, we decided to stay in D4 until we get bumped.
We are looking strong for PSP Texas. Luckily our home field is Central Florida Paintball, so we always have the tip top competition to compete against. And Static is always more than helpful at our practices. Without them, we wouldn’t be half the team we are today.

Our D3 line is still hammering things out going into the event, but we’re confident they will show well. Our D4 line is split between some new guys and some OG’s. The chemistry is still good between all of us, and the new players mesh well.
We’re all once again looking forward to the rivalries and strong competition this year. Glad that the PSP is still able to bring us an event to play. And with the largest first event ever nearing, I hope all of you teams are getting ready. Because we are.

By Zach Ahlersmeyer

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CFPS Event 2 Layout Overview

Central Florida Paintball will be holding its next tournament of the season on  Saturday and Sunday March 5th and 6th, 2011. Saturday will be Xball and Sunday Rt2 as usual. The layout will be the same as the WCPPL event #1.
I am going to point out just few of the key bunkers that will give your team the upper advantage during a game. 

The can locks down the entire snake while the brick locks down the doritos. 
In my opinion both bunkers are the best option to secure the field.

The brick is virtually impossible to eliminate unless he gets sloppy, if he does the Mayan temple will be able to shoot under the A and hit either his foot or gun.
Other than that the other option  is to have a player in the doritos trade out with the brick, although you are loosing a body you gotta remember that you will be opening the field again.

Have a guy run and gun to the temple, he would be able to shoot either the snake runner or the corner player. If nobody goes wide on the snake side the temple can stay and lock it down or bump to the can from where you will have a better angle on the snake but not in the corner.

Although the event is the weekend before the first PSP, event 24 teams are already signed up, you can see the list here. The only team missing is yours, what are you waiting for?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ollie Lang Back With Dynasty ! UPDATED!

Straight from his twitter account, "Yes it's true!! I'm back in blue!!!!!!".
This was posted on the Sand Diego Dynasty facebook page a few minutes after "Just got some great news about an old Dynasty player who's back on the team. Any guesses?"
It seems Ollie is making big moves during the 2011 season. His contract with DYE expire and now he has decided to leave LA Ironmen for SD Dynasty, the team where all his childhood buddies are.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pre MAO 2010

Pre MAO montage by Scott Jackson. Expect more from the 2011 PSP Texas event and a short documentary after the tournament.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TBV and the Upcoming PSP Season.

It starts all over again, traveling all over the state for practices, missed school and work days; just the regular routine most team members have to go through in order to become successful within the organization.
Vengeance started practicing in early December having our mind set in winning the 2011 PSP series title once more, it is one of our main objectives for the year but we don't only want to win one but a dual championship since we have created a second  team.
 The organization brought in a few new talented players to form a D3 xball team along with 3 old players from last season.
It has come to my attention the chatter from Propaintball.com smack box. People seemed to be a little concern about Vengeance playing D4 again. let me explain why we are doing this.
Although we won the series title last year almost everyone on the team did not got ranked up at the end of the season, plus we lost a few of the core players due to several reasons.

It was the ownership decision to create a new D3 team pretty much from scratch and have most of the core guys from last season play D4 again. We picked up new players with little tournament experience and a few others from the D5 team that are now playing D4 along with a few veterans.
We want the D4 team to gain more experience so in 2012 we can jump straight to D2xball.

The team also resigned with DXS for this season, we will be wearing all of their gear and shooting their paint which by the way shot incredible well throught the 2010 season. 

All the boys from the team are extremely excited and anxious to go to Texas and put up a show for the crowd, we hope to see you there.