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Saturday, February 19, 2011

CFPS Event 2 Layout Overview

Central Florida Paintball will be holding its next tournament of the season on  Saturday and Sunday March 5th and 6th, 2011. Saturday will be Xball and Sunday Rt2 as usual. The layout will be the same as the WCPPL event #1.
I am going to point out just few of the key bunkers that will give your team the upper advantage during a game. 

The can locks down the entire snake while the brick locks down the doritos. 
In my opinion both bunkers are the best option to secure the field.

The brick is virtually impossible to eliminate unless he gets sloppy, if he does the Mayan temple will be able to shoot under the A and hit either his foot or gun.
Other than that the other option  is to have a player in the doritos trade out with the brick, although you are loosing a body you gotta remember that you will be opening the field again.

Have a guy run and gun to the temple, he would be able to shoot either the snake runner or the corner player. If nobody goes wide on the snake side the temple can stay and lock it down or bump to the can from where you will have a better angle on the snake but not in the corner.

Although the event is the weekend before the first PSP, event 24 teams are already signed up, you can see the list here. The only team missing is yours, what are you waiting for?

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