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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TBV and the Upcoming PSP Season.

It starts all over again, traveling all over the state for practices, missed school and work days; just the regular routine most team members have to go through in order to become successful within the organization.
Vengeance started practicing in early December having our mind set in winning the 2011 PSP series title once more, it is one of our main objectives for the year but we don't only want to win one but a dual championship since we have created a second  team.
 The organization brought in a few new talented players to form a D3 xball team along with 3 old players from last season.
It has come to my attention the chatter from Propaintball.com smack box. People seemed to be a little concern about Vengeance playing D4 again. let me explain why we are doing this.
Although we won the series title last year almost everyone on the team did not got ranked up at the end of the season, plus we lost a few of the core players due to several reasons.

It was the ownership decision to create a new D3 team pretty much from scratch and have most of the core guys from last season play D4 again. We picked up new players with little tournament experience and a few others from the D5 team that are now playing D4 along with a few veterans.
We want the D4 team to gain more experience so in 2012 we can jump straight to D2xball.

The team also resigned with DXS for this season, we will be wearing all of their gear and shooting their paint which by the way shot incredible well throught the 2010 season. 

All the boys from the team are extremely excited and anxious to go to Texas and put up a show for the crowd, we hope to see you there.

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